There is no place that embodies the ethos of this site more than Bandon Dunes. If Father John Mountain is lucky enough to go to golf heaven when he dies, it will undoubtedly look like Bandon Dunes.

I spent a week at Bandon Dunes in June 2018 and it reinvigorated my love of the game.

Bandon Dunes is built around the three pillars of this site, fast, fun, friendly golf.


Bandon Dunes has a friendly vibe everywhere. The people who work there genuinely seem to enjoy being a part of the team. Everyone I met from the tram drivers, to the housekeepers, to the caddies, to the golf shop attendants had a smile on their face and a story to tell about the property. Being around that positive energy all day made every moment on property fun.


Groups play fast at Bandon Dunes, even while soaking in the experience. There are a few reasons for this. One, Bandon Dunes does not tolerate slow play. There is an expected pace of play and the golfers there respect that. This is enforced formally and informally. However, in the entire week I was there we never had a ranger tell us to move on down the road or waited any length of time at all for the group in front of us to play. Some of that likely has to do with the fact there are 85 holes of amazing golf on property. That means no one hole gets too backed up.

I’ll also let you in on a secret. Everyone plays fast at Bandon Dunes because everyone walks!


Playing at Bandon Dunes, with caddies, in all kinds of conditions is just plain fun! For example, we played in at least a 40 mph wind one day at the Preserve and I’ve never had more fun on a course. Throwing a shot out 40 yards left on a 100 yard hold is inexplicably fun.

Most of all it’s fun because it’s all about golf. No pretense. Just golf. That’s the most fun of all.

Written by John Jividen
I started this website to share stories about golf innovators making golf fast, fun and friendly!