I love great style on the course. Justin Thomas, Adam Scott and others just look awesome when they play. It’s not as easy as it should be for those pros to look good either. You’d think with all the money and help they have everyone one of those players would have dialed in outfits. You’d think wrong. There are SO MANY boring styles out there.

That’s why I love when a brand comes along and spices things up and perhaps no brand has done that more recently than G/Fore. They started out simply making Pray for Birdies, and its newest creation Born to Bogey. These hats are anything but traditional, but that’s the whole point. Golf should be fun and a little color and flair make a round fun.

So next time you’re playing that nemesis of yours at the club put on your red G/Fore glove, pull the Respect My Ball Flight cap down over your eyes and pipe one down the middle. You’ll instantly win the mind game, which is half the battle.

What fashion styles and brands do you guys love? I’m always on the lookout for the best new styles. Let me know in the comments.

Written by John Jividen
I started this website to share stories about golf innovators making golf fast, fun and friendly!