As you know, Father John Mountain loves to have fun while playing golf. Recently I was introduced to a way to add a lot more fun to a round of golf. Golf poker chips. They add some much needed fun to any round.

There are 6 good and 6 bad chips. The good ones are for a chip in, birdie, one putt, sandy par, par, and closest to the pin. The bad ones are for hitting in the sand, hitting a tree, OB, 3-putts, water balls and the dreaded snowman! You can designate a value for each chip and the players add up their chips at the end of the round and pay out.

I love how the chips add a fun element to any round. It’s a lot of fun to drain a long one putt and then call for the one putt chip. It’s not so good to come up short on a shot over water and have someone toss the water chip at you. But it’s a heck of a lot of fun!

I’d highly encourage you to pick up a set. I guarantee it will add an element of fun to your next round with your friends.

Have you used these before? If so, leave a comment below and let me hear your stories.

Know of any other fun games to play on the course? Share them with me and the readers below. I’m always looking for ways to liven up my rounds.

Written by John Jividen
I started this website to share stories about golf innovators making golf fast, fun and friendly!