Golf tournaments are notoriously stuffy. It’s called a “golf clap” for a reason folks. When you think of party, you don’t generally think golf party!

But, somehow, the PGA tour event in Scottsdale has bucked this trend and created the Waste Management Open Party, aka the Phoenix Open.

Anyone who even minimally follows the PGA tour knows about the 16th hole at the TPC Scottsdale. This is probably the most famous hole for fans in the country. Upwards of 16,000 (drunk) golf fans congregate on this hole each day to cheer on every single pro who tees it up. And this scene gets rowdy!

Now look, not every PGA event could or should look like the Waste Management Open Party event, but one a year is fun, unique and brings people together to celebrate golf who otherwise would be watching other sports.

So Father John Mountain supports the Waste Management Open Party whole-heartedly. Tune in this year and see what a golf party is all about!

Written by John Jividen
I started this website to share stories about golf innovators making golf fast, fun and friendly!