What can be said about Pebble Beach that hasn’t already been said? It’s hallowed ground for golfers all over the world. It’s the most accessible championship caliber course in the world. And that’s why Father John Mountain loved his experience there. Here’s my Pebble Beach Golf Review to add to the few (thousand) already written.

Pebble Beach has everything this site is about, it’s fun, fast and friendly.

Since this is Pebble Beach Pro-Am week I started reminiscing about my one voyage to the best public course in the world. My trip there was spectacular. I was invited to play by two of my favorite golfing buddies who make an annual pilgrimage there just before Christmas. We got lucky and had a beautiful sunny, warm day. Perfect golfing weather.

Our foursome was accompanied by two great caddies whose local knowledge and folklore tales made for an extra special walk. And it helped speed up the pace of play despite the dozens of pictures I took on almost every hole.

Friendly doesn’t do justice to the level of service at Pebble Beach. Just like Bandon Dunes, Pebble Beach is full of staff and golfers who are enjoying every moment of every day. Being around that great energy and enjoyment makes for a friendly and fun day from start to finish.

Yes, Pebble Beach is a little pricey, but for a once in a lifetime bucket list trip it’s worth every penny and then some. So my recommendation would be to find three buddies, pick a day (preferably in the off season) and make the drive up the coast, onto 17 mile drive and spend about 4 hours in golf heaven. Father John Mountain guarantees you won’t regret it.

Written by John Jividen
I started this website to share stories about golf innovators making golf fast, fun and friendly!