About Me

You can call me Father John Mountain.

I’m a father to two amazing young kids, my name is John and I was raised in the Mountain State of West Virginia.

Most importantly for this site is the fact that I love golf and want to see the sport thrive. I’m tired of all the stories documenting golf’s decline. I think those stories, like so much news, is fake. So I’m on a mission to document people, places and things that are making golf great again.

I focus on the three pillars of great golf:

  1. Fun golf
  2. Fast golf
  3. Friendly golf

If you play a fast round of golf with friends, you’re going to have fun. And isn’t that why we play the game (besides for the off chance we get a hole-in-one)?

So thanks for coming to the site. I hope you find these posts inspiring, illuminating and fun to read.

If you know of anyone or anything that should be profiled here, drop me a line. I’m always on the lookout for anything that makes golf great again.

Father John Mountain