The Pebble Beach Pro-Am this week has me thinking about what an awesome thing it is that so many great celebrities also love the game of golf. Sometimes these folks are as good or better ambassadors for the game than PGA players.

Steph Curry, Tony Romo, heck, even Larry the Cable Guy are helping grow the game of golf. They show it appeals to more than just your traditional country club member. Romo is a scratch golfer. Steph is arguably one of the 10 most well known athletes in the world. Larry, well, he’s a funny cable guy.

Golf has always had its share of celebrity players. Presidents play the game. So do pop stars and athletes. However, these days with the power of celebrity being larger than ever before, golf needs people who can bring the the sport to the next generation. People like Curry and Romo couldn’t be any better ambassadors for the game.

Golf would be well served to keep integrating the celebrity element into the game as much as possible. It can only help bring eye balls to the screen and people to the course.

Written by John Jividen
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